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Pre-Op Instructions for IV Sedation:  

Post-Op Instructions:

Discomfort:      A pain relief medication may be prescribed and to start after surgery.  Discomfort is usually 1-5 days.  Do not take aspirin as it may cause bleeding.  Avoid driving any motor vehicle or machinery for at least 24 hours after discontinuing any pain medication.

Antibiotic:        An antibiotic is usually prescribed to control infection and swelling.

Swelling:         Slight swelling(less than ½ inch) of the face or lip area (next to the surgery area) is normal and may last for a week.  To minimize swelling, you will need to place an ice packs on the face adjacent to the surgery area for 15 minutes on and off for four hours after surgery.

Bleeding:         Slight oozing from the surgical area is normal for 1-2 days. Please call if there is continued or excess bleeding.

Rinsing:           Do not rinse vigorously for 3 days following surgery. You will need to lightly rinse with diluted salt water (1/4 tsp. salt in 2oz. warm water) for 1 minute. A Chlorhexidine rinse (Antimicrobial) may be prescribed.  Please rinse after meals and continue rinsing for 3 days after surgery. DO NOT USE mouth rinses (with alcohol – like Listerine) for 7 days after surgery.

Tooth brushing and Flossing: An Ultra-Soft toothbrush may be provided. Please refrain from brushing or flossing the surgical area for 7 days. You may brush the biting surface of the teeth and with mild toothpaste (children’s toothpaste). After 7 days you may brush the surgical area with the ultra-soft toothbrush (Electric toothbrush or regular toothbrush is allowed after 14 days). You should floss and  brush the non surgical areas.

Foods:  For the first 5 days following surgery eat only soft foods such as scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, soups (not too hot), soft noodles, yogurt, soft oatmeal, etc. Avoid hard or chewy foods such as nuts, chips, popcorn, hand candy, hard breads, raw vegetables, etc. No straws for 7 days after surgery.

Tooth Sensitivity:         The teeth/ roots may be sensitive following surgery. A toothpaste may be dispensed for sensitive teeth.  A prescription strength tooth sensitive gel may be dispensed.

Sutures (Stitches): Dissolving sutures are usually placed and they normally get loose and fall out within 7-10 days.  If any sutures becomes loose and dangle, you may trim them.  Any non dissolving sutures will need to be removed in 2-4 weeks. 

Surgical areas:            The surgery area is usually reddish to pink for the first 2 weeks.  Please call us if the surgery area is grayish or black in color.

If You Had A Gum Graft:          A temporary surgical cast may be placed on the surgical areas. The cast usually comes off by itself in 7-10 days. Please call if the cast is still on after 10 days.  A clear temporary upper retainer/shield may be made and you will need to wear it 24hrs a day for 3-5days (even while eating). Take off the guard after eating and rinse with salt water and brush lightly. Then place the guard back on.

First 48 Hours After Surgery:  Avoid use of any tobacco products and alcohol.  Avoid vigorous activities such as running, exercise, sports, and swimming.  Avoid hot baths or hot tubs, sunbathing, or extremely warm electric blankets.

NO FLYING FOR 7 DAYS AFTER SURGERYPlease call Dr. Leland Lee if you have any problems.  Office telephone is  # 916-444-1121 and enter #4 for emergency calls to be directed to Dr Lee.