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Our goal to provide you with the highest quality care possible and accompanied by a conscientious effort to maintain affordable fees.  The achievement of this goal will require efforts from both you and our office to manage our time together effectively.  Please read the guidelines carefully:


There will be absolutely no charge for you, should you need to reschedule an appointment, provided we receive 48 business hours notice.  Please contact us with your request during regular work hours.  This courtesy would provide us with the opportunity to accommodate other patients.  If you do not provide an advanced notice for cancellation, you can be charged $ 150.


As a courtesy to you, it will be our pleasure to process your insurance claims.  We take pride in making every effort possible to obtain the maximum benefits allowable under your plan.  Most insurance plans will pay a portion of your necessary periodontal treatment. Insurance is designed to be an "assistance" with your dental needs, not a "pay all" solution.  Many periodontal patients will require four appointments with the hygienist per year to maintain optimum health.  Fortunately, most insurance plans will provide benefits for two of these appointments.

As your dental provider we will contact your dental insurance to verify eligibility, percentage of coverage, maximum benefit per year, and annual deductible.  We are advised by the insurance companies that all information they provide is an estimate and not a guarantee of payment.  Also please remember that your insurance maximum applies to all dental procedures, including treatment provided at other offices, and it is best to keep track of what you are using as that can change your estimated benefits that we estimate before treatment is scheduled.  With the magnitude of different dental plans that cross our desk each day, and with constant changes in covered benefits, it is impossible for us to provide a guarantee of payment.  Since we are not involved in the contract between your employer and insurance company, all treatment not covered and payable by your insurance company will be your responsibility.  

Pre-authorizations can be provided by request, but are not always mandatory.  The insurance company advises us pre-authorizations are not a guarantee of payment.  We cannot be held liable if the insurance decides to pay less or if dental benefits have been used by other dentists and decreases the yearly allowance.